Paul Zacharias. Producer/Engineer/Writer/Arranger

Paul Zacharias has a passion for music and people that is evident in his work at doG House Studios. Having gained valuable experience in the industry with his current music project, folk duo Me & the Mrs. and former project indie-rock band Swingset Champion, working as a voice and music coach part time for Rosebud School of The Arts and Strathmore High School and writing and recording his own original compositions for Rosebud Theatre productions has supplied him with the tools for his trade. Paul has recorded artists such as The Dearhearts, Barefoot & Brave, Joe Vickers, Inga, Aaron Krogman,Travis Friesen, Marie Russell, Lewis Frere, The Bluegrass Orphans, Daniel Derksen, St Genius, The Peacocks and James Westgate Snell.